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Teak Garden Furniture: Classic and Elegant


Hanging out in the garden or the lawn of your house can be very relaxing. The cool colors of the plants and flowers that surround the house are soothing to the eyes and mind. But your garden would not be complete unless you have the best garden set. There are a lot of options to choose from like steel, wooden, plastic or vinyl furniture. All these options are great but one that speaks of comfort and style at the same time is the wooden set. It is perfect for relaxation while you sip your strawberry and milk smoothie.


Most often bought by consumers looking for the best garden set, teak furniture have many varieties. There are patio sets, tables, chairs, benches and lounges. It is a hard wood which is resists wind, pests, heat and severe weather which is the reason why it is used for marine construction. Plus, the wood does not easily splinter.

The teak is perhaps the most popular kind of wood used for garden furniture. Called “tectona grandis” in the scientific community, the teak tree is a tropical hardwood that reaches up to a hundred feet in height. It does not grow in rainforests for it is mainly found in dry and rocky terrains of the forests of Southeast Asia. Its wood is well known for its durability – so much that it is even used to build a ship. It has an impenetrable fine grain that is strengthen by natural teak oils. This oil wards off insects and rots; and it withstands the effects of weather. There are managed teak plantations that are being sustained to assure teak-furniture buyers that they are not causing forest denudation.

Teak garden furniture exceeds other kinds of furniture because it has an elegant and classic look, plus, it can last for a long time. Teak wood is not really that hard to look after although there are simple things that you need to do to make them look new even after many years. One is by applying a thin coat of a specially made teak oil, which is available at furniture shops or outlets that sell this kind of oil, on the surface of the furniture after cleaning it. This oil replaces all the natural oil that the wood loses in effect to the weather. This should be done at least once a month or when the weather is dry. Doing this will restore the glossiness of the teak, its hue and durability, and it will also prevent spills or stains from seeping into the wood. A basic way of oiling your teak furniture is by taking a good look if the furniture requires

sanding, then make sure that it is clean and dry before applying the oil. Use a clean paintbrush when coating the teak oil, work first on the top then downwards. The oil should be applied evenly and refrain from leaving extra oil on the surface. After 5 – 15 minutes, depending on the temperature, wipe the surface of the furniture with a clean rag made of cotton. If you want to apply a second coating, wait for the first coat to dry for a minimum of an hour. Once the second application of teak oil is done and the furniture's surface is really dry to the touch, buff it up with another clean cotton rag. Another way of maintaining teak wood is to watch out for spills from drinks or food on the surface. But when this does happen, avoid using harsh detergents. Marks from spilled food and drinks will eventually fade in the longer run. But when you think that the stain is noticeable and you want to make sure that your furniture is really clean, use a mild sandpaper. When your teak furniture needs some cleaning, do it using a normal soft-bristled household brush along with a mild soap and warm water. If you want, you can use cleaners made for teak wood which are available in markets. This will help clean off dirt accumulated through time, stains or deposits. High-pressured hoses or steel wool and steel brushes are not recommended for use on a teak furniture to avoid discoloration on the wood caused by rust. Then wash it with clean water after brushing.

It is relatively easy to maintain the beauty of a teak furniture that is the reason why a lot of people prefer it over the other types of garden furniture. Along with its elegance is a durability that withstands harsh climates. What better choice of furniture can anyone get. Not only does it make your garden look classic, it also gives you comfort and an easy task of maintenance. Plus, you will never fear that you are causing the earth's global warming because the teak wood is totally replaceable.

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